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BeeChat is the first blockchain-based messenger app with an entire ecosystem designed to benefit the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.BeeChat is the world’s most active cryptocurrency community.BeeChat currently has been downloaded over 10 million times and has an active community of over 1.5 million members, which includes hundreds of key opinion leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


Some of the essential services in the BeeChat ecosystem

BeeChat Features

Global Cryptocurrency Community

BeeChat supports over 30 languages and has created dedicated group chats, discussion groups, official accounts for users from all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Distribution Platform

BeeChat provides transaction, distribution and circulation services for a wide range of coins that have been verified and vetted by the platform. From mainstream currencies to newly issued coins, users can transact using BTC, ETH, QTUM, INK, CHAT, EOS and many other coins on BeeChat.

Active and Vibrant Community

BeeChat is the best platform for coin issuers to connect with their subscribers, community and fanbase. Issuers, founding teams can dialogue directly with their followers through the group chat. HRS, QTUM, INK, CHAT, BOT, ENT, HPY, BigOne and hundreds more blockchain and crypto projects have hosted their own communities on BeeChat. Answer questions from members, post updates and reward the fanbase to your project to build your following and community. Not only does BeeChat connect users to issuers and founding teams, it also facilitates the social interaction between users within each community. Many blockchain and crypto media platforms, recognized key opinion leaders have already joined BeeChat. It’s time to join the movement!

Official Account Verification

BeeChat will provide a verification service for official coin issuers, project teams, notable media platforms, key opinion leaders and influencers to ensure the information posted is credible and to protect users from being misled by false information. BeeChat will distribute airdrops and coin chests regularly to promote new coin offerings and as a reward to its community, some aidrops will even go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.You can even start your own airdrops at any time in the amount of your choosing.

BeeChat Credit

Through cloud computing, big data and blockchain technology, BeeChat will build a credit rating system for its community and provide credit services to users through different offerings, allowing users to earn and receive credit without the barriers of traditional industries.

Blockchain Gaming Platform

BeeChat recently released the hugely popular blockchain game CryptoPuppies. BeeChat plans to release more innovative and entertaining blockchain games in the future, building a fun and interactive environment for its community.

Blockchain Developer Platform

QTUM, HCASH and BeeChat will partner together to build a blockchain developer platform that will be released in the near future.
The platform will provide third party dev tools, data tracking, user integration, DApp distribution, testing and debugging services as well as start-up acceleration services so more developers can join the BeeChat ecosystem.
For the top developers, BeeChat will develop a series of support services to help the team or developer expand their project. As the largest blockchain community and messenger, BeeChat aims to build an open blockchain ecosystem, providing a wealth of services to members, teams, and organizations. Learn more about BeeChat at beechat.io and join the community today!

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