BeeChat is more than just a "portal" or a "connector." It connects the existing communities, channels, live streaming platform, app store, games, etc. to build a complete ecosystem consisting of users, founding teams, media, exchanges and so on, thus creating a one-stop service platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
BeeChat New Features

One-click Switching Skins

Adjusting to Asian IM operating habits, BeeChat has added skins of popular Asian messenger apps such as KaKao in Korea and Line in Japan, which can be switched freely by just one click.

Encrypted Personal Data Saved On The Blockchain

BeeChat saves encrypted personal data on the blockchain. With the cross-chain function of the mainnet, users can selectively store the custom data on different chains including Ethereum, EOS, etc.

Supporting the Telegram protocol

BeeChat supports both the distributed protocol BIMP and Telegram protocol, enabling Telegram users’ contacts to be automatically matched to BeeChat.

Synchronizing on PC for easy management

BeeChat is mainly designed for mobile devices, and BeeChat will also be available on the PC platform, which is easier for administrators to manage.