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BeeChat is a blockchain based messenger and cryptocurrency community. Using BeeChat, you can join active private chats, private and public groups, and discussions that serve not only the cryptocurrency community but also the wider community at large.

The messenger serves to facilitate information and transaction exchange between people who are looking to discuss and exchange cryptocurrencies. The messenger runs on a secure infrastructure that protects the users from interferences and interruptions. Built using proprietary distributed technology with servers implemented around the world, BeeChat offers fast and reliable communication in an ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape.

As part of the cryptocurrency community, we have also invited key opinion leaders, coin issuers, and startup teams to administer their own groups and chats to interact with their sub-community. They can answer any questions from other members, share their opinions, and receive feedback on the platform.

BeeChat Features

BeeChat provides fast, reliable and secure communications such as messaging, calling, video calling so you can share messages, photos, videos and audio/video streams without any hinderances.

BeeChat uses an end-to-end encryption scheme so your privacy is fully protected. With end-to-end encryption, the content of your communications will not be decrypted by servers so your messages are protected against intrusions.

The BeeChat infrastructure is supported by thousands of global nodes, you do not need VPN or other tools to ensure the quality of communications no matter where you are in the world.

The BeeChat wallet supports all kinds of mainstream digital currencies so it is easy to send, receive, and store coins and tokens. BeeChat is continuously working to add more currencies to its repository to support the wide spectrum of currencies in circulation.

Transactions are very simple, you can transfer and receive currencies with another user, a private group, or a public group. BeeChats supports a wide range of transfer methods.

BeeChat Product Screenshots